Airwheel Q6 Two Wheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

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Airwheel Q6 with 170WH battery

The Airwheel Q6 is the latest update on Airwheel Q-series twin-wheel slef-balancing electric unicycle. The powerful 450 watt motor makes both driving off-road and cruising a guaranteed FUN experience.

It features numerous improvements such as a faster control logic, a stronger scratch-resistant case surface, further upgraded maglev motor and a the ONLY unicycle with a kickstand. Acceleration and braking have been upgraded. 

Easy to Learn

Most people can drive it in 5-10 minutes. It is a lot of fun and a great feeling to float around on this, and you'll get in touch with a lot of people that will ask you what this is, - a nice way to meet new friends!

The Airwheel is a self-balancing vehicle controlled by gyro sensors that will keep it upright and react to how you place your weight. You drive it by gently leaning forward. To brake and slow down you lean gently backward. It is very natural, it's easier to experience than to explain.


The Q6 model has a top speed of 10 mph, and the normal driving speed is 8 mph. When the speed goes above 8 mph it will lean slightly backwards to make you slow down, and a warning beep is heard. 8 mph is a very comfortable and safe speed.

Climbing Hills

The Q6 can drive up hills of 15°. People of max 130lbs can climb 18°.  (15° is already quite steep!)

Battery Life

The Airwheel Q6 comes with a 170WH battery (Japanese made) with UN38.3 certificate capable of 1800 recharge cycles

Q6 Self Balancing Unicycle Range

The range of the Q6 is up to 12 miles. This will vary based on your weight, speed, terrain, temperature and how you drive it. The most efficient way is to drive at a constant medium speed. Frequent stops and accelerations will use more battery.

Battery Charges

We deliver the Airwheel's with an upgraded and smaller sized charger with no fan! ! It works worldwide on both 110V and 230V voltages and comes with a Canada/USA 2 prong cable.  The Q6 is charged 80% full in 90 minutes, 100% full after 180 minutes.

The Airwheel Q6 Safety System

Airwheel has built in several safety systems for thee Q6:

  • LED lights indicating battery level
  • When battery gets below 15% the Q6 will start beeping and will lean backward to slow down
  • When it falls over 45° it will turn of the engine and beep. Simply turn it off and back on to reset
  • It will alarm and blink the LEDs if any other technical fault
  • IP56 Water resistant - it can drive in light rain



As with all vehicles there might be a risk of injury or death due to accidents. Do study the supplied manual carefully before usage, and keep in mind the safety concerns

  • Please learn and abide by local laws and regulations when riding Airwheel
  • Be careful and considerate of others, and take precaution of accidents and collisions
  • Please ride at safe and proper speed and make sure your Airwheel is under control. Keep yourself at safe distance from pedestrians and vehicles and always be prepared to stop
  • Do not allow others to try your Airwheel unless he/she has read through the manual
  • Please wear safety gear while riding Airwheel
  • Please stop riding immediately when Airwheel starts alerting for low battery or over speed
  • Charge your Airwheel in time to ensure safe and smooth usag
  • Make sure to power off the Airwheel before lifting it
  • Do not lift Airwheel on the wheel in case your fingers get caught between the tire and case.
  • Check your Airwheel carefully for any loosened or damaged parts every time prior to usage and do not ride before proper troubleshooting
  • Do not allow children under the age of fifteen (15) to use the Airwheel without proper supervision


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